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If you are looking for a local company, we are based on Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Be careful of other companies who claim to be from Wolverhampton but aren't. They just trick Google into thinking it. Always check if their address details match up.

Web design is only a small part of what we do.  The Design of a website is just the beginning really, how it's going to look. Although it's a starting point, this is often changed as the project evolves to fit in with the development of the site.

The development of the site, is the nuts and bolts really, making everything work, and building in the functionality required . Most websites now have some kind of interaction with the user, be it e-commerce, sociail networking or uploading videos.  These, and others are all functions that have to be built by us, the developers.

When we take on a project, we will give you a quote within our pricing framework depending on how much development you need, oin top of what we offer in outr packages. The Design part of the site doesn't  usually add any extra cost. Before you make a commitment we will  give you a quote and stick to it.  Costs will only increase if there is any other significant developpment required on top of what you already requested.  If it's not too much extra we will usually do if free.

So if you're looking for a Wolverhampton Web Design company, we'd be happy to help you.



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Floral Cards

Our Latest Project.

Floral card - a florist selling greetings cards with real flowers inside them. An eCommerce site which was a bit different, as the product is sent to a loved one /friend, and not delivered to the buyer. This presented a few difficult technical problems. This was overcome by capturing the recipient details with the product details, instead of at the order checkout. In this way multiple purchases can me made with different recipient addresses.

Visit the website to have a look  https://www.floralcard.co.uk .