The Fruitman

This website was originally a fruit and Veg delivery service for a local Greengrocer - An e-commerce site where the customers order their produce and have it delivered by the Greengrocer. The website content being completely controlled by the website owner.
However, after discussions with the greengrocer about how to make more money we came up with the idea of the site being used by as many Greengrocers as possible. The basic idea being that other greengrocers in different locations can use the same site for their customers. When a customer goes on the site they enter their postcode and are then only shown the produce of the greengrocer who then takes the order. The owner of the site charges the other Greengrocers a fee for using the site, so he's actually making money for doing nothing - A great concept ! The constuction of the site was quite difficult as there are many different people controlling their own content, and customers seeing different produce, but all works fine and the business is growing - Have a look and see if they deliver in your area .  To view the produce you need to have a postcode where somebody delivers
- If they don't deliver in your area use  WV1 or TF9.

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The Fruitman



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Floral Cards

Our Latest Project.

Floral card - a florist selling greetings cards with real flowers inside them. An eCommerce site which was a bit different, as the product is sent to a loved one /friend, and not delivered to the buyer. This presented a few difficult technical problems. This was overcome by capturing the recipient details with the product details, instead of at the order checkout. In this way multiple purchases can me made with different recipient addresses.

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