Search Engine Optimisation


You have a website, but what is Search Engine Optimisation ?

Basically , this making your website as visble as possibel to the search engines, mainly Google.

There are two ways to achieve this.

1.  On site optimisation

2.  Off Site Optimisation.


1. On site Optimisation.

This is making your website as Web Friendly as possible, making sure that it complies with googles policies. As part of your website we will dothis for you. This will include.

Creating a Google freindly sitemap. This gives google a 'map' of your site and tells it what pages have been updated, so it will  be ranked better.

Creating  page titles, meta tags that are relevant to your sites content

Creating Search engine freindly URL's that google can easily read.

Written content that's relevant to your site is important google, creating articles/ blogs givng useful information about oyur products services. It's alos important that this content is original, and not copied from other websites. Google will know if you do this, and it will be of no benefit to your site. We will get you started on this, but it's an on going process really. Regularly adding written, useful, orignal conent, is one of the best ways of getting your site higher up in the rankings.


2. Off Site Optimisation.

This basically building links to your site. This is not something we do as part of the Web Design packages we offer. It is an extra. Click here to view our SEO packages.

As above, the important aspect of building links to your site the important aspect, is that they are relevant links to your site. That means linking from sites that are of a similar type.

If it's something you want to do yourslef we've written  a DIY SEO guide which will get you started.


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Floral Cards

Our Latest Project.

Floral card - a florist selling greetings cards with real flowers inside them. An eCommerce site which was a bit different, as the product is sent to a loved one /friend, and not delivered to the buyer. This presented a few difficult technical problems. This was overcome by capturing the recipient details with the product details, instead of at the order checkout. In this way multiple purchases can me made with different recipient addresses.

Visit the website to have a look .