Do it Yourself Search Engine Optimisation

Want to move your site up the google listings without having to pay anybody ?

We've put together a beginners guide to SEO, how to do it and what to avoid.
It's all about getting quality, relevant links to your site. There are many ways of doing this such as blogs, directories, article submissions.

We find article submissions to be quite good at moving your site up.

An article is basically a few written paragraphs (at least 250 words) giving some information about something that's relevant to your site, and then providing a link to your site. You have to try to write it in an informative way, so it doesn't just look like a blatant advertisement. Read each sites guidelines, and some existing articles to give you a good idea.

Here are the top artcile directories (they're all free to use).




Directories are quite important. You can just search these via google, if you can find directories specific to your speciality, even better. DMOZ is the most important directory to get in, so definiteley apply for this one.

If you've got your own blog, try to update it regularly with relevant content. You can also post on other peoples blogs, with links to your site.
So where do you find all these websites to link from ?

You would think this would be the hardest part, and it would be if you had to do it manually. Fortunately there exists free software you can download that does it for you, download details below.

SEO spyglass is particulalry good.
When installed on your PC you just enter the address of a competitors website. The program then searches the internet and finds all the links to this site. It also gives the value of each link. This is the importance that Google would place on it for various reasons.
Basically the higher value of the link, the more it will help your website.
So, when you've identified your competitors you can then identify the links they have and try to get the same links for your site. It can be slow work, but it's worth it.
The free software does have some limitations, it will only check for 1000 links, but it certainly gives most people enough information.
If you wanted the full version you can just upgrade and pay for it.

To download it, just Google 'SEO spyglass'.

Actually Creating links to your site , how do you do it ?

There are a couple of ways. Most sites will give you a box to enter your website name, which is quite straighforward. Others will let you put a link in an article or a blog.
In these instances you have to make a link out of some of the existing text within the article. This is called the anchor text.
There are 2 ways of doing this :

1. Some sites will have an editor that has a link button. You simply highlight the word(s) you want to be the link (anchor text), and click on the link button. Then type in your link.

2. More difficult is doing it in HTML, but once you've done it a couple of times it's quite easy. Just do as below

<a href = ""> You anchor text </a>
But typing in the name your actual sitename and anchor text.

Important - Make sure your anchor text is relevant to where the link is going to.

What are deep links ?
These are where the link to your site is not to the homepage, but to a page within it e.g

These links are particualrly good for SEO when writing an article or blog about a subject, and then deep linking this article to a page on your website that has similar relevant content.

The most important thing to remember about SEO is that relevant content on your website and in the pages linked to your website is the most important thing.

A few good quality links to trusted websites with similar content / subjects will do more for your website than hundreds of links to irrelevant directories, link farms etc..



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