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Also known as a CMS, a content Mangement System is what all good websites now have, that allow their owners to have full control over their own website to change and add content as they need.

Previously static websites just built using 'flat' HTML pages didn't have such facilities, and if a website owner neeeded to change anything , they would have to pay a web designer to do so, which would be very expensive for a website that needed updating regularly.

There now exists a lot of open source CMS's  (basically 'Free') that websites can be built  around that allow the website owner full access to the administration of their website. The most popular of these is called 'Joomla', which has thousands of add-ons that can be easily installed at any time.

We mainly use Joomla on our websites, this allows us to keep our costs as low as they are, as it cuts down on development time.

Don't be fooled into thinking that every website is custom built, they aren't . They may have a custom design, but the workings, and CMS are more often than not done using 'open source' software such as Joomla.  To have a website such as this completely custom built would cost in the region of £20,000, due to the complexity of the programming required.

Once you have a site built using Joomla, it is then quite easy to install free add-ons if you need extra functionality to your site. You can just google Joomla to see whats available. Things such as e-commerce, social networking can be installed. You don't need any programming knowledge, but there can be a lot to read to configure them properly.

Obviously the biggest advantage of having a CMS is that you can edit your content quite easily. This is usually done using what's known as a 'WYSIWYG' editor. This allows you to edit the content, much similar to using microsft word.

If you are considering having a website, don't even consider buying one that doesn't include a content mangement system, even if you don't think you'll need one.

Here at Apollo Designs, all our webvsites come with a CMS as standard.


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Our Latest Project.

Floral card - a florist selling greetings cards with real flowers inside them. An eCommerce site which was a bit different, as the product is sent to a loved one /friend, and not delivered to the buyer. This presented a few difficult technical problems. This was overcome by capturing the recipient details with the product details, instead of at the order checkout. In this way multiple purchases can me made with different recipient addresses.

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